Rent furnished apartment in Sofia center. Serviced accommodation rental directly from the owner. Short and long term stay rates. The smart hotel alternative.





Accommodation advantages:

Short and/or long term accommodation rental has never been easier. Sofia Inn Residence will satisfy your personal accommodation needs 100%. A host of popular restaurants are within a short stroll from your accommodfation.

Rent a fully furnished apartment in Sofia city center. Serviced accommodation for rent directly from the owner. Short and long term stay rates. The smart alternative to hotels in downtown Sofia, Bulgaria.



Sofia apartments for rent seem like a nice deal. 5 questions you should always ask

In order to have the peace of mind everyone is seeking for their vacation or business travel you should always be prepared with some questions in mind that would secure your pleasant and joyful stay prior to booking any Sofia apartments for rent. Most problems can arise from property managers or property owners trying to advertise something that is not really what it looks like on the internet. Here are 5 questions that you can ask the person arranging your accommodation prior to making the actual reservation:

1.    Are the Sofia apartments for rent you are to book really the accommodations that you are going to reside in after your reservation is processed? Some websites advertise one accommodation but really you find yourself being accommodated in another.

2.    Is your credit card information and personal details being collected through a secured connection? Make sure that if you are to proceed with an actual reservation you do it either through secured (VeriSign, Thawte, GeoTrust, etc.) online booking interface or send your details on a so called “mail order credit card authorization form” which should be provided by the property. Both methods are equally secure but in the latter case make sure that you send this form back to the property only via fax as it is the most secured way to provide you personal information in order to arrange Sofia apartments for rent.

3.    Do these Sofia apartments for rent offer linen and towels? Some properties have all of the above included in the price, some do not so please, make sure to check this out prior to your lending in Sofia. You do not want to carry a suitcase full of linen and towels neither do you want to go shopping for those especially if you have set aside a specific budget for your stay.

4.    Is there maid service available and, if there is, is it included in the rate? Many properties would have once a week maid service included in your rate but some would not. You may eventually find out that you have to pay additional fees or simply have to pay compolsory maid service fee upon check out. Either way, it would be a good idea to find this out before, rather than having headaches looking for some extra cash especially at the end of your vacation when most resources are drained.

5.    Is the apartment in questions in a location of interest or does it only seem so? You may be looking for an apartment rental in the center of the city but keep in mind that not all central areas are as good. In order to prevent this from happening to you please, look for a map of the address and try to figure our where exactly you will be located. You may want to read more on this in our article "Looking for Sofia apartments for rent? 10 things you should know."

If you wish to continue reading on more topics, please go to "Sofia apartments for rent: tips & tricks."

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