Rent furnished apartment in Sofia center. Serviced accommodation rental directly from the owner. Short and long term stay rates. The smart hotel alternative.





Accommodation advantages:

Short and/or long term accommodation rental has never been easier. Sofia Inn Residence will satisfy your personal accommodation needs 100%. A host of popular restaurants are within a short stroll from your accommodfation.

Rent a fully furnished apartment in Sofia city center. Serviced accommodation for rent directly from the owner. Short and long term stay rates. The smart alternative to hotels in downtown Sofia, Bulgaria.



Looking for Sofia apartments for rent? 10 things you should know 

While looking for Sofia apartments for rent there are several things that one should take into consideration. Please, follow these ten and most important tips in order to have a joyful stay while in Sofia:
  1. Always look for centrally located Sofia apartments. This will save you money and worries. If you are accommodated in downtown you simply won’t have to spend any money on public transport or taxis as most sights of interest will be within a walking distance. The center of Sofia is also the safest place in the city.

  2. When arranging your accommodation try to find a residence rather than a single apartment which is the only property being managed in that building by the property company. This will ensure for well maintained common areas, on-sight personnel and added security.

  3. Make sure your apartment for rent will be located near the main streets of Sofia center rather than the outer parts of the center. Some areas, like the Lion’s Bridge neighborhood, are populated with pimps, pickpocketers, etc. and you may become their victim easily especially during night time. The safest area to reside while your stay in Sofia would be between TZUM (The Central Department Store) and NDK (National Palace of Culture) and between “Popa” (Monument at the beginning of Patriarh Evtimiy Boulevard) and “Pette qiusheta” (The five corner intersection where Patriarh Evtimiy ends).

  4. If you are a homosexual do not “show off” as this is not as well accepted as it is in other European countries. In other words this will prevent you from having troubles and will keep the door open for you at most establishments.

  5. If you are a non-EU citizen make sure to ask the management company to register you with the local authorities so that you do not have troubles with the Sofia airport upon your leave back home.

  6. Always make sure that the apartment is equipped with central heating and/or air conditioning because you may have an unusually hot or cold stay.

  7. Prior to booking Sofia apartments for rent always check the company’s cancellation policy and weather it suites your needs or not. Some companies require up to 1 month notification prior to day of arrival in order to have a free of charge cancellation.

  8. Always confirm with the booking agent that the accommodation that you are booking is what you are going to get OR better in case it becomes unavailable. There are cases when the accommodation in question is rented out for long-term and you are being accommodated in a lower-class apartment. The worst case scenario would be to find this out upon your arrival so stress on your particular needs.

  9. Ask if towels, sheets and bathroom amenities are provided so that you are settled comfortably for your stay.

  10. Last but not least ask for a local guide possibly with a map in English so that you are comfortable with the area while residing in your Sofia apartment for rent.

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