Rent furnished apartment in Sofia center. Serviced accommodation rental directly from the owner. Short and long term stay rates. The smart hotel alternative.





Accommodation advantages:

Short and/or long term accommodation rental has never been easier. Sofia Inn Residence will satisfy your personal accommodation needs 100%. A host of popular restaurants are within a short stroll from your accommodfation.

Rent a fully furnished apartment in Sofia city center. Serviced accommodation for rent directly from the owner. Short and long term stay rates. The smart alternative to hotels in downtown Sofia, Bulgaria.



How to arrange Sofia apartments for rent without getting scammed?

When planning for a vacation or a business trip, especially in a bigger city or EU capital, one may be tempted to do so because of many reasons. Mainly because of all the discounted offers available on the internet. As you may be aware, there are plenty of attractive offers on various websites on the internet for airline tickets, rent a car and for Sofia apartments for rent.

General rule of thumb would be to either arrange all of the above through a well established business like Expedia which may even offer you great package prices or The other way would be to do some research and tailor the vacation of your dream according to your needs. In order to do this successfully without getting scammed you will have to give it an hour or two of research.

A great way of finding out about a particular establishment would be to read some forums. Not just any but a travel related forum where you will get to read some real life experiences of real people. You will read their reviews, pros and cons of different hotels including Sofia apartments for rent. The great thing about forums is that they are unbiased and you hear almost 100% real advices. I say almost because some property owners pretend to be guests of their own property and publish fake reviews. This is why one of the greatest travel resources on the internet is Trip Advisor. They have very strict policies for property owners and in general offer the most tools, ratings and information needed in order to ease the choice of Sofia apartments for rent. To read more about this please, feel free to check out our article "Sofia apartments for rent seem like a nice deal. 5 questions you should always ask".

If you wish to continue reading on more topics, please go to "Sofia apartments for rent: tips & tricks."

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