Rent furnished apartment in Sofia center. Serviced accommodation rental directly from the owner. Short and long term stay rates. The smart hotel alternative.





Accommodation advantages:

Short and/or long term accommodation rental has never been easier. Sofia Inn Residence will satisfy your personal accommodation needs 100%. A host of popular restaurants are within a short stroll from your accommodfation.

Rent a fully furnished apartment in Sofia city center. Serviced accommodation for rent directly from the owner. Short and long term stay rates. The smart alternative to hotels in downtown Sofia, Bulgaria.



Considering Sofia apartments for rent? Advantages compared to hotels

Have you ever been to Bulgaria’s capital – the city of Sofia? In case you have, keep in mind that it would be a great idea to arrange your stay with an apartment rental service available there. It will be much cheaper and way more comfortable compared to hotel stays. What is more important is that you should do this well in advance in order to be able to choose the right accommodation among all Sofia apartments for rent at a convenient location according to your needs. The best location to reside while in Sofia is the city center. This is because you will find most sights and places of interest in downtown. Sofia Inn Residence has a great resource to choose from and find among all Sofia apartments for rent. The other advantage is that you will be more secure in the city center and also convenienty positioned within a short stroll from anything and every thing that you may want to see while you are on a trip to Sofia.

If you are new to the short-term Sofia apartments for rent concept, than you probably wonder about plenty of stuff. What is this short-term all about? How does it work? Why go for it and not for a hotel? Well, here is why. First of all when renting an apartment you save money. Actually, you save a lot of money simply because the Sofia apartments for rent are 2 to 5 times cheaper than a hotel room. Another thing that you may find interesting and as an advantage is the fact that you get extra privacy. You will be located in the very top center of town, in close proximity to all cultural life, restaurants, malls, night life, etc. and get to live like a local. No annoying phone calls from reception, no daily maid service unless you ask for it...and most of the stuff you have at home.

Another advantage to consider Sofia apartments for rent is the fact that even tough you may find all of the above interesting and attractive you probably wander if there is a catch. Guess what? There is no catch simply because of the fact that you book you apartment through a secured online interface just like you would book a hotel. Moreover, you get to choose you particular accommodation in a particular apartment bulding where the company's personnel will greet you and make you feel at home. To read more about this please, feel free to check out our article "Planning to visit Bulgaria? Must try Sofia apartments for rent."

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